We ship world-wide with full insurance and tracking. Free shipping for orders to US and European Union addresses- see details below.

Please be assured your purchase will be prepared for delivery with the utmost care. With conservation our intent and for your peace of mind, all works sold by PhotoSeed Gallery are readied for shipment using archival materials. (should you decide to store it for any length of time) And rest assured, as someone who has personally experienced the anguish of mishandled, damaged, destroyed, and lost works of art in the mail due to shipper negligence, I pride myself on going extra lengths to ensure your prize photograph or item is well protected using stiff heavy cardboard among other defenses.  We also will never roll oversized vintage material as this can be harmful to the work. Although customers checking out at this time will only see the option of US Postal Service (USPS) calculated rates, let us know if you prefer using United Parcel Service (UPS) for your order by first sending us a note below. Please do not go through the check-out process. Instead, we will send you a personalized confirmed order with this alternate shipping method. 


Free shipping for US addresses: order must be at least $400.00.

Free shipping for European Union addresses: order must be at least $700.00


And now the fine print: Full Customs Declarations for order value will always be listed!


Unless otherwise specified, work purchased from PhotoSeed Gallery is not matted or framed.