Guarantee & Provenance

All work for sale from PhotoSeed Gallery is unconditionally guaranteed to be vintage to the date or dates listed in their respective descriptions, with a 100% money-back guarantee for each item sold if not completely satisfied.

Provenance for this material comes from the master PhotoSeed Archive, which I've acquired myself over the last several decades from sources around the world. This often includes works originally issued as part of limited-edition portfolios, and from photographic journals and volumes. In due course, I will also slowly add other photographic works, including select rare books and portfolios spanning the history of the medium up to about 1970, as well as singular vintage photographs printed in a variety of processes.

Please also be reassured this site adheres to ethical curatorial practices in regards to commerce: I will not "break" source material apart unless it was previously acquired from an incomplete edition or is in need of conservation a new owner could bestow upon it through purchase. 

As a professional photographer for over three decades whose love of photography, history and art were the combined forces leading to my creation of PhotoSeed, a website whose mission statement promotes the following ideals of "beauty, truth, scholarship and enjoyment for all who visit...," my reputation stands behind every sale at PhotoSeed Gallery.


David Spencer -PhotoSeed Archive & Gallery owner and curator