About Us

Welcome to PhotoSeed Gallery. Located in the beautiful Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts, a dynamic and growing center for the visual and performing arts in New England, PhotoSeed Gallery is an online gallery offering vintage examples of artistic photography as well as select volumes and portfolios on photography for sale.

You may have discovered us via our sister site PhotoSeed.com, my personal archive showcasing thousands of examples of artistic photographs collected from sources around the world, and dating from roughly 1885-1920. During this era of great experimentation, the photographic medium produced works of profound and timeless beauty. Pay a visit and see for yourself that photography from this era was most certainly an art form! 

Always free, with no advertising allowed to gunk up the gorgeous design since our launch in July of 2011, PhotoSeed quickly gathered honors in the press, including winning a prestigious Webby award for the Art category in the spring of 2012.

In addition to having the opportunity to begin or add to your own collection-with a selection of many rare and unseen examples of vintage photographs for sale anywhere priced competitively with established galleries, your purchase at PhotoSeed Gallery will be vital in supporting PhotoSeed's mission of bringing attention to the often obscure and forgotten practitioners from photography's past, and the critical and time-consuming scholarship the work demands in order to give it proper due. 


Thanks for stopping by, and please consider a purchase to support our vision and validate our passion.


-David Spencer          PhotoSeed Archive & Gallery owner and curator