The Nymph Sakuntala by Paul Bergon


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A spray of lilies are held aloft by the nymph Sakuntala in this allegorical scene taken by the noted Parisian pictorial photographer Paul Bergon. In an 1879 volume on Hindu mythology, an entry for Sakuntala describes her as:


the daughter of Vrishanaswa by the nymph Menaka. She was born and left in the forest, where she was nourished by birds until found  by the sage Kanwa. She was brought up by this sage in his hermitage as  his daughter, and is often called his daughter. The loves, marriage, separation,  and re-union of Sakuntala and King Dushyanta are the subject of the celebrated drama Sakuntala. (1.)


Titled Sakuntala within the lower plate margin, this vintage sepia hand-pulled photogravure was printed in 1900 and included in the important German publication Die Kunst in der Photographie.


Printed: 1900


Condition: Excellent.

Foxing to lower and upper plate margins along with very small indentation area within plate margin to right of title. Please inspect both photographs with listing. (please email if you require additional photos)



image:   19.0 x 16.0 cm

support:  34.9 x 26.8 cm


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1.  John Dowson :  A classical dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography, History, and Literature : London: Trübner, 1879